If you plan to sign up today, find the date below in pink to see what your first shipment will be and when it will arrive. You will be billed each month on the date you sign up.


Sign up:  Oct 21 - Nov 20
January Shipment
Arrives around December 3-5
(shipped between Nov 24-30th)

Sign up:  Nov 21 - Dec 20
February Shipment
Arrives around January 3-5
(shipped Dec 24-30)

Sign up:  Dec 21 - Jan 20
March Shipment
Arrives around February 3-5
(shipped Jan 24-30)

Sign up:  Jan 21 - Feb 20
April Shipment
Arrives around March 3-5
(shipped Feb 24-28)

Sign up:  Feb 21 - Mar 20
May Shipment
Arrives around April 3-5
(shipped March 24-30)

Sign up:  Mar 21 - Apr 20
June Shipment
Arrives around May 3-5
(shipped April 24-30)

Sign up:  Apr 21 - May 20
July Shipment
Arrives around June 3-5
(shipped May 24-30)

Sign up:  May 21 - Jun 20
August Shipment
Arrives around July 3-5
(shipped June 24-30)

Sign up:  Jun 21 - Jul 20
September Shipment
Arrives around August 3-5
(shipped July 24-30)

Sign up:  Jul 21 - Aug 20
October Shipment
Arrives around September 3-5
(shipped Aug 24-30)

Sign up:  Aug 21 - Sep 20
November Shipment
Arrives around October 3-5
(shipped Sep 24-30)

Sign up:  Sep 21 - Oct 20
December Shipment
Arrives around November 3-5
(shipped Oct 24-30)

Please note: Our billing cycle goes from the 21st of one month until the 20th of the month after. If it is the 20th of the month or before, your first box will be the one shipping THIS month. If you sign up after the 20th, then your first box will be the one shipping next month.

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