What is the best way to contact you if I need something? 
The best way to contact us is by email (katie@plannerenvy.com) or the website contact us form below. Please use email or the contact us form for anything important that you may need rather that contacting us via social media, especially in IG messages or comments as we do not always get those notifications.
What is included in each subscription box? 
NEW! Each box will have 12 sheets of stickers making up 3 "Full" 4-Page Sticker kits and each sheet is 5.75x8.75 inches. PLUS, we are now including 3 smaller "deco" sheets in subscribers' boxes that match these 3 kits! This is a subscriber-only benefit and those sheets will not be included
Each month will have a specific theme / color scheme and sometimes all of the 12 sheets will follow that theme, and sometimes only some of them will. Also included in the box will be some fun planner or stationary accessories which will go with that month's theme. There will usually be 3 accessories unless one of them is a bigger item, there may only be 2. Some of the past accessories have included: paperclips, page flags, feltie bookmark/paperclips, notepads, sticky notes, planner bands, and pens. 
Will the stickers in the boxes work for my planner? 
Our 4-page sticker kits included in the Planner Envy Subscription Box are made specifically to fit all of our Planner Envy brand planners, as well as the 7x9 Vertical Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP.) Because the width of the boxes in the ECLP planners are the same as the boxes in the medium Happy Planner and many other vertical style planners, MOST of the stickers will work well for those other planners too. Many customers have told me that they love the kits so much, they are willing to do a little finagling (cutting) to make the stickers work exactly how they want them to in their planners. If you find that other "vertical" kits work in your planner, these likely will work for you too! 
PLEASE NOTE: The larger 4-5 page kits will have stickers made specifically for the bottom portion of the ECLP spreads and the sidebars of the ECLP spreads that won't fit well in the HP or Recollections without doing some cutting. 
HAPPY PLANNER USERS, PLEASE NOTE: The main difference between the Vertical ELCP/Recollections planner and the medium Happy Planner in regards to the fit of your stickers is the vertical length of each of the individual boxes. Therefore, the full boxes included in the subscription box as well as any full boxes included in the kits of the subscription box will be shorter in length that your boxes. The plus to this: they won't need cut and you can fit a smaller functional box sticker above or below it to fill in the full box. The downside: there will not be any "full box" stickers that actually fill the full box of the happy planner. 
Can I get the stickers made for a different planner?
Unfortunately, not at this time. The subscription box is only offered in one universal size.
When will my subscription start? 
The 20th of each month is our cut off date for the next box that ships. 
If you sign up on or before the 20th of each month, your first box will at the end of that month. So for example, if you sign up May 18, your first box will ship at the end of May and it will be the July box (arriving the first week of June.) If you sign up after the 20th of a month, your subscription will skip the next box that ships and start the month after that. So for example, if you sign up May 24, your first box will ship out at the end of June and be the August box (arriving the first week of July.)
If you sign up after the 20th of the month, you will likely be billed twice before receiving your first box. The best time to sign up is between the 10-20th of any month so you get your first box quickly after your first payment. This does not mean you will be charged twice for the same box, it just means you will be charged a while before the box actually ships. If you are charged a second time, that payment is for the box after that. 
When can I expect my box to arrive each month? 
The arrival of your Planner Envy subscription box could vary slightly from month to month but will likely arrive in the first 3-5 business days of the month if you are in the USA. Please be aware that a holiday may affect the time your box is shipped as well as the time the Post Office takes to get it to you. 
Here is our full shipping schedule: 
January Box: Arrives around December 3-5 (shipped Nov 24-30)
February Box: Arrives around January 3-5 (shipped Dec 24-30)
March Box: Arrives around February 3-5 (shipped Jan 24-30)
April Box: Arrives around March 3-5 (shipped Feb 24-28)
May Box: Arrives around April 3-5 (shipped March 24-30)
June Box: Arrives around May 3-5 (shipped April 24-30)
July Box: Arrives around June 3-5 (shipped May 24-30)
August Box: Arrives around July 3-5 (shipped June 24-30)
September Box: Arrives around August 3-5 (shipped July 24-30)
October Box: Arrives around September 3-5 (shipped Aug 24-30)
November Box: Arrives around October 3-5 (shipped Sep 24-30)
December Box: Arrives around November 3-5 (shipped Oct 24-30)
Can you ship anywhere else but the USA? 
Yes! We can ship anywhere, but we do have to charge more for international shipping. Just subscribe at subscribe.plannerenvy.com/international to sign up for the international rate. This option costs more to cover the additional international shipping cost each month.
Can I cancel my subscription? 
You can cancel your subscription at any time. To make sure you are not charged for the next month, please make sure to cancel before your renewal date. Your renewal date will vary from customer to customer and is determined by the date of the month you originally signed up. If you signed up on the 15th of the month, then your renewal date will be the 15th each month. Your renewal date can be found in your Paypal account following the steps in the next question below. It will say your "start date" as well as your "next payment due."  You must cancel before the "next payment due" date to avoid being charged.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not cancel before your individual renewal date, there will not be any refunds given for that month. Once you have been charged for the next box, we start planning to include your box in the next shipment. Please make sure to cancel before your renewal date to avoid unwanted charges. 
How do I cancel my subscription? 
  • Sign in to your Paypal account
  • Click on one of your recent Planner Envy Subscription Box Payments 
  • Then on that receipt, there will be a "Manage Planner Envy Payments" button
  • From that page, you can scroll down to the bottom and click "Remove PayPal as payment method"
    If you did not sign into your Paypal account when you signed up, you will need to email us at katie@plannerenvy.com to cancel. 
    How can  I change the payment method used for my subscription? 
    • Sign in to your Paypal account
    • Click on one of your recent Planner Envy Subscription Box Payments 
    • Then on that receipt, there will be a "Manage Planner Envy Payments" button
    • From that page, click "
      Change Payment Method

    *Please note that simply adding a new card or payment method to Paypal will not change it in your subscription unless you follow the above steps.



    Can I change the address on my subscription after I have already signed up? 
    Yes, you can do this in Paypal, but we strongly suggest you also email us at katie@plannerenvy.com with any address changes so we can make sure it is updated. Sometimes, a customer thinks they update it in Paypal, but it is not done in your subscription settings so we don't have that update on our end. 
    Email katie@plannerenvy.com 

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