2024 Planners

3 Layout options in 10 different cover designs, all designed with stickers in mind...

Made with the highest quality products

  • 101 lb thick quality paper in a soft off-white color
  • ”Soft-touch” velvet laminate on front cover and planner box
  • Durable hard cover
  • High quality rose gold continuous coil
  • Rose gold foil on front cover and monthly tabs
  • Packaged in a durable and elegant storage box (perfect for sticker & accessory storage!)
  • 8.75 x 10.25 inch page size (not including rings or tabs)
  • Inside pocket on front cover


  • 3 Layout options to choose from
  • 2-Page weekly spread for each week
  • 8.75 x 10.25 inch page size (not including rings or tabs) *approximately
  • Dashboard to start each month
  • 2-Page monthly calendar spreads
  • Monthly finance & self care pages
  • Lined pages at the end of each month
  • USA federal + religious holidays marked on monthly & weekly views
  • Extra pages like bucket list, reading/movie ratings, passwords, address list, year at a glance
  • Lined AND blank pages in back
  • 220 Total pages (110 sheets, printed front & back)

Our Vertical Layout

Because you don't need another thing on your to-do list...

Rather than have a completely blank canvas that you need to figure out what to do with, we designed our layouts with a purpose, while still leaving them versatile enough to use for different things.

Let's face it, a blank page can feel like a lot of work or something else you have to do, and this is suposed to make your life easier right?!

Each aspect of our layouts has a purpose, and most can also be easily covered with stickers to eliminate it if it is not your thing! Our layouts were designed around our 4-page kit template so when in doubt, take a look at one of those and see where the puzzle pieces might fit.

Our Horizontal layout

We have heard from so many people that they wish they could use a horizontal layout, but that stickers always work best with a vertical! So we set out to design a horizontal layout that worked well with our sticker kits and subscription boxes but had more of the traditional planner layout many people still love!

This layout incorporates the 1.5 inch boxes similar to the columns of a vertical, while still having that horizontal overall design so it works great with sticker kits - even those designed for vertical planners!

signature layout - SOLD OUT!

Our Signature Layout - Sold out for 2024!

Designed with stickers in mind

We wanted to make sure our new planners worked well with your sticker stash....as well as our sticker kits and monthly subscription boxes (obviously!)

Take a look at our Instagram for videos on how our kits work with each of our layouts.


The Basics & the extras...

In all 3 of our layouts, we included monthly calendar layouts, monthly finance/self care spreads, monthly dashboards and extras in the front and back!

A truly comprehensive planner

With all of these extras, our goal was to design a planner that gave you extra room for notes and stickers, but still covered all your needs so you don't need more than one!

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