take a look at all of these awesome changes and additions we just made to our subscription boxes

We are always striving to improve the quality and value of our products! Over the past few months, we have asked customers with email surveys and Instagram polls for their thoughts on how we could improve our monthly subscription and here are the changes we made...

more stickers!

all kits in our boxes are now full 4-page kits (no more mini kits!)

We started our subscription back in 2017, and decided on 10 sheets of stickers per month. However, since our full kits are 4 pages, that resulted in 2 full kits and a mini kit to make that 10. We know some people loved the mini kits, but many people really wanted all 3 kits to be the same "full" kit template with the same stickers. So, we changed that starting with our September 2023 box! You will now get 12 sheets of main kit stickers in each box.

*Please note that any extra boxes from August 2023 or before so not reflect these changes and will still be the older kit template and 10 sheets of stickers, not 12.

even more stickers!

new! 3 matching deco sheets for subscribers!

Starting with our September 2023 box, we are now include 3 smaller (about 8x4 inches so not that small!) deco sheets in each box for subscribers! These 3 sheets will match the 3 kits included, and while they will be available for sale after, they will not be included in the "extra" boxes.

This is a new benefit to our subscribers! As a subscriber, you will get these sheets included for free but if you purchase "extra" boxes, you would need to purchase these sheets separately for an additional charge.

changes to kit templates

new kit templates with date covers & more!!

We also made some minor changes to our kit templates. By far, adding date covers was our most requested change! By taking our just a small handful of the least popular stickers, we were able to add:

  • Date covers!
  • Blank headers (to write in)
  • Thin washi strips
  • An extra half inch box or two
a new look

PLUS....a new printing technique with a more professional finsih

Lastly, we also changed the printing technique for these stickers resulting in a more professional finish overall. Don't worry, these stickers still have the same bright, vibrant and saturated colors Planner Envy is so known for - and proud of!

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