Gingerbread Christmas Holidays Candy Cane Planner Stickers Vertical Weekly Kit - 134 Stickers (#12,063)

$8.50 $17.00

✦ 134 stickers total 
✦ Each sticker sheet is 5.5inches wide by 8.5 inches long - 4 total sheets
✦ Bright, vibrant, and saturated colors!
✦ Professionally printed on matte sticker paper. Once these are positioned, they cannot be removed from all surfaces or other stickers, however THEY DO easily pull up from the 80# Mohawk paper used in our planners and other planners, at first if you are careful.
✦ These do not have any finish and should be easy to write on with most pens
✦ Stickers are sized to best fit vertical layout planners but can be used with other planners as well. The width of the stickers are 1.5inches or smaller and length are 1.9inches or smaller - to fit inside the boxes of vertical planners.